Weekly trip idea's - V.6 - Lockdown and how to still 'adventure'

Welcome back to our 'weekly blog', yes I know it's been a while! While we were given stict instructions to stay at home it didn't seem approprite to be writing about where's great to visit.

As you know we love a good adventure! It’s one of the main reasons we decided to embrace van life and invest in ‘Buzz’ the camper.

Adventure and travel are in some ways considered synonymous, so the recent ‘stay at home’ message could have been interpreted by some as an invitation to put adventuring on hold. Fortunately, our government have been very clear that mental health is just as important as physical health, so inserted an ‘outdoor exercise’ clause, which we have interpreted as the ‘adventure clause’.

A photo we took a few weeks ago past the Heifers on the River Gipping walk.

We have put together our version of how to have a great adventure locally.

1. Don’t put anyone at risk. We have put this at number one, because right now our primary objective is to keep people safe.

· Be courteous

· Look don’t touch

· Smile – it’s infectious!

2. Plan a new route. I don’t know if the same is true for you, but we had no idea just how much beauty there is right next to our house. You could go for miles in every direction, and 8 weeks in we have not come close to exhausting new routes. We recommend the ordnance survey app as a really good way to find new routes, but other route planning apps are available!

3. Be prepared to deviate from your route! Explore! If you see a footpath that looks interesting go for it, the worst that’ll happen is you’ll need to backtrack!

4. Stop! It can be easy to forget what it was like as a child to see animals playing in fields, or to be intrigued by an interesting natural feature. Stop and watch the lambs frolicking, the piglets lolloping or experience the inquisitive nature of dairy cows (*probably best to do this the other side of a fence). Allow yourself these joyful moments and smile along with them, with no need for inhibitions, and no desire to be anywhere else.

5. Be present! We strongly recommend putting phones on airplane mode and forgetting about them. You’ve had all day to be social, this is your time to escape. Keep reminding yourself to engage in the moment, breathe and notice your surroundings. It is amazing how much detail would otherwise have passed you by.



We were without our coffee fix for a while until we purchased some local (Framlingham born) Paddy & Scott's coffee, which we loved before lock down in various coffee shops around the county. They have been doing some great work having recently lauched a new “LunchBox’ range, an amazing coffee that’s funding free school meals in Brazil, India and Vietnam.

They are offering 2x 1kg bags for £30 plus a 1kg bag of their new "LunchBox" for free.

To find out more about the great work they are doing and to buy online to support a local Suffolk company while remaining socially distanced click here: https://paddyandscotts.shop/collections/paddy-scotts-catalogue


Thanks for reading, we would love to hear about where you have been locally, please share photos and stories. 🚐

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